Gambia: Aid for Gambia Inaugurates Mosque in Labakoreh

Gambia: Aid for Gambia Inaugurates Mosque in Labakoreh
(Friday, April 24, 2015) 01:42

Aid for Gambia, a charitable organisation based in the United Kingdom geared towards helping the needy and the Muslim Ummah last Friday inaugurated a new mosque at Labakoreh village in the West Coast Region.

The organisation is a family charity and started operating in The Gambia three years ago. It focuses on various functions to uplift the livelihood of the needy and the Muslim Ummah.

Speaking at the ceremony, Oustass Samba Bah expressed delight to Aid 4 Gambia for choosing to building a mosque for the community of Labakoreh. "We are really appreciative of what they have done for us and we will continue praying to Almighty Allah to grant the donor paradise because there is a naration which said whoever builds a house for God in this world, God will reward you a house in paradise," he said.

He further urged the community to make sure that the five daily prayers are performed in the mosque, while pointing out the significance of performing congregational prayers.

For his part, Muhammed Ayoub, the coordinator of Aid 4 Gambia, informed that his organisation is a small charity supported by friends and his family back in the UK. "I am very happy and proud today to see this mosque construction is finished and I thank each and everyone who contributed towards the accomplishment of the work," he remarked.

He said his charity work dose not only focus on building mosques but other area as well, adding that his organisation is given a space in Labakoreh to build a Madarassa, which he promised the construction will start soon; and another project on skills training, which he added will train people for free.


Ayoub said the completion of the mosque is heartening. "I feel very happy for the turnout of people to observe the inauguration of the mosque and I would advise Muslims to continue performing the five daily prayers in the mosque, and for the village to select a community that will look after the mosque."

Demba Danjo, who spoke on behalf of the alkalo; and Fakebba Njie, the project contractor, both thanked and praised the donor for the good heart. According to Njie, the work was done successfully and everybody who worked in the project has been paid his money.

He also commended the community for its cooperation during the construction, but hastened to urge them to take good care of the mosque and do thorough refurbishing whenever necessary.

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