First Mosque Opens in Lima - Peru

First Mosque Opens in Lima - Peru
(Saturday, July 9, 2016) 15:23

Lima welcomes its first Mosque opening on Allentown Road as a place of worship for those of the Islamic faith.

The Allentown Mosque is the first of its kind in the city. The owner, Dr. Adel Shaheen of St. Rita's has lived in Lima for more than 25 years, and says he hopes this will help interactions between Muslims and those of other faiths in the area. The Mosque is for Islamic people to practice and pray, but anyone is welcome to worship.

The grand opening also celebrates Eid Al-Fitr.

The Mosque is located at 1800 Allentown Road in Lima. 

Dr. Shaheen says he believes this Mosque will help everyone come together in a trying time in our country. "It's very important that each one of us communicate with the other and see what they have to offer and enrich our commitment to worship God and be a good member for the community," said Dr. Shaheen.

Shaheen says the traditional Islamic prayer day is Friday, like the Christian Sunday, and anyone is welcome to come to the Mosque.

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