Ayatollah Mamdouhi:

The mourning ceremonies of the martyrdom of Imam Sadiq (AS) must be held with grandeur

The mourning ceremonies of the martyrdom of Imam Sadiq (AS) must be held with grandeur
(Tuesday, July 10, 2018) 10:55

Ayatollah Mamdouhi, member of “the society of seminary teachers of Qom”, emphasized necessity of holding mourning ceremonies anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Ja'far Sadiq (AS) in a great and magnificent manner.

The Center of Mosque Studies - Ayatollah Mohammad Hasan Mamdouhi in an interview with Hawzah News Agency reporter, expressing condolences on the occasion of martyrdom of Imam Ja'far Sadiq (AS) stated:“During the 34 years of Hazrat Imam Sadiq (AS) imamah (leadership), he was provided with the conditions and fields that he could establish the Jafari School, with the scientific development of the society and many students, and in this way the grounds for the revival of the Mohammadi  Sharia in Islamic society Provided.

"The era of Imam Sadiq (AS) was a complex and turbulent era because in part of this era we see the transfer of the government from the Umayyad to Bani Abbas. And in that time, he begun  creating scientific growth and prosperity in society with guidance and leadership, so he can improve the level of understanding and knowledge of individuals, organizing a scientific and cultural movement in the same situation.” he added.

This Hawzah professor emphasizing that Sadiq Al-Muhammad (AS) played a very important role in the growth of religious and jurisprudential matters in the Shia and Islamic world and in this respect not only Muslims but all people are indebted to him, noted: “We should have grandeur mourning ceremonies  everywhere, whether in the country or abroad, and show how much love and dedication we have to the head of the Jafari doctrine.

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